Tortoise Betting Method Review

Product Name: Tortoise Betting Method

Author Name: Dan

For Every 100 Bets I Place I Make A Profit Of 58.30pts How Much Do You Make?

Hi there,

I’m Dan, the creator of the Tortoise Betting Method.

You’re probably thinking, what have does a tortoise have to do with betting on the horses?

Well its not so much the animal, more the old story of the Hare & The Tortoise that influenced my approach to betting.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone likes that big winner, the buzz of getting £300+ back from a £10/£20 bet is great. But at the end of the day its a punt, a gamble, a HIGH RISK bet.

My method is LOW RISK.


Because I’ve worked damn hard for the money I am putting on the horses, I don’t just want to take a punt ona big return. I want to think of it more as an investment, an investment that will grow over time.

I first started off wanting to make £100 per month extra, I was surprised at how simple I actually found this and the ONLY time in the first 6 months that I failed to do this was when I didn’t stick to the method.

It taught me the most important lesson, patience and detail are the 2 most important things when it comes to betting.

What should you do after a loss?

Thats a question I used to get asked a lot but now my members understand the answer I give is always the same…

Exactly the same thing you would do after a win!

Nothing should change if you are following a method that dictates level stakes which this method I am telling you about does.

Placing an extra bet, upping or lowering stakes or other ways of chasing a loss will all effect your overall outcome (usually for the worse).

Its crucial that if you are serious about making consisent profits that you realise, losing is part of it. We’re investing our money on the horses, using a proven strategy and the worst thing that you can do is let human emotion influence your decision.

This is the reason that I have made the most simple SET & FORGET strategy for you to follow.

Here’s how it works.

I send you an email each morning.

In this email are my selections for the day (or a note saying we’re not betting).

I will have done all the hard work making the selections that fit my criteria and done my research on the form aspect of making the selections.

All you have to do is place the bets consistently each day to the same stakes.

Do this for 100 bets.

Why 100 bets?

At the top of the page I asked you how much you made per 100 bets?

Its a stat I find that not many punters will take much notice of but to me its a great indication of overall performance.

Like I said I make an average of 58.30pts profit per 100 bets.

Most tipsters stick to per month profit, so for example 32pts profit in May, but they don’t always tell you how many bets they placed in May, maybe it was 150!

In that case it would have performed under my Tortoise Betting Method Level Stake Wins Service. But all you usually see if the 32pts profit in a 31 day month.

As well as been a great indication of relative profit it also allows for people to take a break from betting.

It can get pretty tedious opening an email each morning, every morning and doing the exact same thing. It may only take a few minutes to copy my selections and place your bets but it can soon get pretty boring.

This is where most people fail

They miss a day only to find out it was a huge day of profits. Ever have that happen to you?

Or the opposite happens, you forget to place the bets and release you escaped a poor day, so you think you’ll miss the next day too and “save” a few quid.

This is a short term approach to betting and not one I have EVER found very profitable.

So instead, I like to look at a 100 bet window as being the best approach to both profit and sanity.

A side to this is that it also allows people to alter their stakes while still following a level stake approach.

If you have less you can risk to start with (yes, its always a risk, even if its a small one), then you can follow along for say £5 per point, but if you like what you are seeing you only have to wait to the end of 100 bets before you up your stake.

This provides a safe way to increase your stakes at a defined point and not making “judgement” calls yourself.

Interested in starting a 100 bet plan?

If you are intested in starting a 100 bet plan with my Tortoise Betting Method here are a few thigns you need to read first…

1) I will lose.

Its how betting works, if I was winning every bet I was placing then the bookies would have stopped me a long time ago or I would be a very rich man and would not be writing this letter to you.

This however does not mean that we cannot make a steady profit which leads on to…

2) You must give me 100 bets.

People wanting to quit after 5 bets, 10 bets or even 50 bets shoult not click the button below.

I have looked over the stats from my betting selections and 100 bets is the level we need to run at to ensure the best chance of profit.

3) No time wasters.

This is for serious punters only!

If you do not know how to bet on the horses either find out before clicking the button below or email me if you have questions before clicking the button below.

The process is simple…

You get the email each morning (before 11am)
You will be provided with the race venue and time and the horse in the race to back.
All bets are level stake win bets only.
You must have a 50pt betting bank available to start with.

Please Note: I am here to help anyone who takes me up on this offer profit, I will answer questions via email, I am just not here to do it for people.

Now for the important question I’m sure you all have…

Right Dan, I’m ok with all the above and want to get your next 100 bets, how much is it going to cost?

Today you can get my next 100 bets for £10

That’s right a tenner.

This is a special price avilable to the next 50 punters only.

If you want to take me up on this offer please click below now:

If these have not answered your question please email me on