Steady Steve O Review – Is It Scam?

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Want To Know How To Turn £2 Bets Into £5,508.48 Profit In Just 1 Year…

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In 2016 I started betting with a £100 bank, placing a small £2 bet on each horse I selected.

At the end of the year I withdrew £5,508.48 from my betting account, leaving my £100 starting bank in there to start again this year.


Hi there,

My name is Steve Oliver and the people who I first showed this method to dubbed me
Steady Steve O!

A nice simple, low risk, low stake method that builds over time to give out great resutls.

How does it work?

Its nice and simple and as I just mentioned, very low risk.

So we start with a £100 bank, 50pts at £2 per point.

When you get started, you simply back each selection on the day you start with a single £2 win bet on each of them.

You do this for a full week.

I make selectiosn 6 days per week, with no betting on Sunday. Every one needs at least 1 day off.

So on a Sunday I look at my overall bank, up or down. I then divide by 50 and that give me my stake for the coming week.

If I lost money the week before I bet all week at less than the previous and if I made money I bet more per horse.

I re-visit this every weekend and re-calculate for the coming week.

Here’s the week by week for all 2016

As you can see, by adjusting the bank weekly I ended up backing 23 horses at £100.60 each at the end of the year, and all this using the same £100 starting bank from January.

My end result was £5,508.48 profit using a very safe and low risk strategy.

A few common questions I have been asked:

Do I back at SP/Betfair SP? No, I make my selections the night before the racing and look for value, therefore I take the best odds available.

When do I make my selections? I make them the night before the racing, usually around 8pm-10pm but earlier if possible. This gives me time to place my bets at the best early prices.

Do I always win? Heck no. As you can see from the above there have been a few weeks that I have lost money, this isn’t as much of a big deal early on in the process but as you can see, backing 21 horses at £95.20 on week 50 certainly hurt.

What is your strike rate? Over all of 2016 I hit 268 winners from 930 bets, a strike rate of 28.8%

Do I lay horese, or back each way? No, this is a stright WIN ONLY service.

How can I get your tips every day? Check your email, details of membership spaces will be sent after the days selections have run.

What happens if I start mid-week? You have 2 options, you either have a short first week. This would be my suggested option. And re-assess from Sunday and then every Sunday afterwards. The alternative would be to re-assess every 7 days from the day you start.

I have another questions, how can I get in touch? Nice and simple, just email me on

How has 2017 has turned out so far…

I’ll jump straight in with the results to date.

We’re 14 weeks in and at the end of week 14 in 2016 we had £248.29 in the bank, a profit of £148.29 and were going to start week 15 betting at £4.97 per win.

Here’s 2017 so far…

As you can see we’re roughtly at the same point.

£144.18 profit and going into week 15 I will be using £4.88 win stakes.

Use this strategy multiple times per year

What I really liked about 2016 is I ended the year with the profit, but I also had the thought of taking it before Christmas and how nice it would have been to have that £5,000 to pay for everything at Christmas and not worry about it.

But I wanted to see the full 52 weeks out and see where I ended.

The plan always was to see where I was in the Summer and to use the same selections to duplicate the process. So to keep going from Jan to the end of the year, but to also start at £2 stakes again in the Summer and do Summer to Summer betting so I could generate another pay day.

With this year starting very similar to last and it only costing £100 to start, I’ve decided to do Easter to Easter, Summer to Summer and then another October to October as well as the Jan to December one.

In theory I should bank 4 x £5k pay days through the year.

If this works the next step is to take the starting banks to £10 and see where I end up.

Do you want to join me?

This is a very low risk service but I think it could out perform most tipsters who you could still be following, even with us starting at £2 bets.

With that said it also works as a service you can run along side other tipsters as the starting bank requirement is so low.

If you want to join me you can and I have 2 options…

First up is for those who know they are in for the long run.

Sign up for a full year from now and pay just 50p per day. £179 for the full year.

(Just 50p per day)

Or, why not take my EASTER SPECIAL OFFER of £1 for the first 7 days?

That’s £1 for 7 days access. And ONLY £1 per day after the frist week


Any questions just email me on:

Thanks and enjoy,

Steve “Steady Steve O” Oliver