Place Doubles Review

Product Name: Place Doubles

Author Name: Ross Booth


If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme or some tipster wanting to make you £5,000 a month I am not your man!

My name is Ross Booth and I’m a play it safe sort of tipster.

As the title above suggests I’m happy betting small stakes and using a small bank to test my methods.

But if you look at the results, you will see I took £200 to £512 in just 30 days.

Thats a triple up on the bank.

If I repeat this through May, which it looks like I am going to do, I’ll take out my initial £200, and use my new bank to bet higher stakes in June and July.

If you are in the same mindset then you may be intersted in my Place Doubles service.

Take a look at the test results through April…

Test Results April: Bank Increased by 256% in 30 days! Example Wins…

Place Doubles Review


The service works about the Place Markets and if you haven’t had much success on the place market before its often because people start looking for horses that can place.

You should still look for that winner!

Backing on the place market gives you that edge that if they just miss out, we’re still a winner.

I’d rather win often than big, thats my philosphy.

Now the odds are low, sometimes really low, that’s why we look at the double angle.

Why not trebles or accumulators?

Because I don’t have enough evidence yet, that’s all. This is a new method I am trying out.

I’m hoping to come up with enough data that I don’t miss out when all 4 or 5 selections win by only backing doubles, but then still don’t throw more money away when we have a couple of losers along the way.

I work hard for my money and I’m not about to start throwing it a way on a chance.

All through April I NEVER had a day where there wasn’t at least a small return on my stake, as you can see from above.

and I’d like to keep it that way, so for the time being its doubles only.


Place Doubles scam

Here are a few questions that may help you decide if my Place Doubles is for you…

When do you bet and when do you send the tips email?

I bet when I feel I have a chance to profit.

I don’t bet every day (but I will email you every day so you know when the bets are).

A lot of tipsters either tip every day or take a set day of per week. To me this is crazy, no one can tip every day and perform very well for a long period of time and giving up on set days before looking at the cards is also mind boggling to me.

Expect about 20 days of betting per month as an average.

I send the tips out the night before the race, this can be quite late in the evening or early morning as its the time I find I can look at all the data I need to to make my picks.

Do I need a £200 bank and do I risk £5 per bet?

I started with a £200 bank and bet at £5 per line (or per bet) but remember that 3 selections creates 3 doubles, 3 x £5 bets. But 4 selections created 6 x £5 bets (6 double combo’s).

So you can be risking (per day)…

£15 – 3 selections
£30 – 4 selections
£50 – 5 selections
£75 – 6 selections

As I said, not a single day in April returned £0. We always got some sort of return.

To bet at the same £5 per line stakes, you need £200.

This is the same as a 40pt bank.

Stake per line x 40.

So if you want to bet £10 per line, I would advise £400 to start with.

If you want to bet £2 per line, I would advise £80 to start with and so on.

Where do I bet?

I bet at PaddyPower, as you can see from all my screenshots. I would advise you do the same.

The disadvantage with PaddyPower is that the Place Markets don’t open until the morning, sometimes after 9.30am.

But YOU CAN USE ANY bookie that allows you to place doubles on the Place Markets.

Note: EXCHANGES – as far as I’m aware you can only place singles on the palce markets.

More questions?

Just email me on
(Please allow 48 hours for a reply)

Want to try it out? Pay just £10 for your first 30 days!






If you have any questions about this service you can contact me by email on:

Thanks for reading!
Ross Booth