Infatuation Scripts Program Review

Infatuation Scripts Review – Does Clayton Max’s Infatuation Scripts Really Work? Is it for real or just a scam? We’ve Bought The Book To Write This Honest Infatuation Scripts PDF Free Download!

Product Name: Infatuation Scripts

Author Name: Clayton Max

Bonuses: Yes

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Hey every woman, Here’s the TRUTH about this amazing relationship program: You don’t want a guy to settle for you. You don’t want him to choose you just because he “might as well”.And you don’t want to have to CONVINCE him you’re the one for him Or worse, NAG him for his attention and affection. You want him to WANT YOU so bad you’re his last thought before he
falls asleep and his first thought when he wakes up…In other words: You don’t want him to say “ok’ to the idea of being with you…You want him to say “hell yeah!” Because he’s ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you’re the one for him:
=> This makes him say “hell yeah!” to being with you So… how do you change his mind about you so he becomes absolutely sure you’re the only woman for him? The answer has nothing to do with being his ‘perfect woman’…Nothing to do with having the qualities he THINKS he wants…And nothing to do with CONVINCING him you’re right for him. If you want a man to have that “hell yeah!” feeling about you: You have to get him INFATUATED with you.Here the best relationship program named  Infatuation Scripts is the perfect choice for you.

What Is Infatuation Scripts?

Infatuation Scripts Clayton Max  is a comprehensive step-by-step system where you’ll discover the words that trip a man’s emotional tripwire, so that he flips into ‘infatuation mode’ and can’t stop thinking about you, is unable to feel the same way about other women, and sees you
as the only woman he wants! 

This course teaches you some amazing things about how the human mind works, how to overcome a man’s natural reluctance to commit, and the scripts you need to use and apply on a man to be thought of as a ‘great catch’ that he feels chemistry for, and hungers to be intimate with… forever. 

How Does Infatuation Scripts Work?

Here’s a quick peek inside what you’ll find inside the Infatuation Scripts: You see, men are naturally reluctant to devote themselves to one woman…The very idea of commitment freaks them out Like a cat running away from a sudden noise. But researchers at Rutgers University have discovered an ‘emotional tripwire’ in the male brain which overrides his natural reluctance Wipes out any doubts he has And focuses all his desire onto one woman.

So he no longer fears ‘missing out’. It’s called the Infatuation Instinct. And once you set it off in a man It creates a chemical change in his brain Which wipes out any LOGICAL reasons he might have not to choose you By literally putting those parts of his brain which feel ‘doubtful’ or ‘hesitant’ to sleep The lesson is simple:

You can’t convince a man to want to be with you. But if you trigger his infatuation instinct, he’ll convince HIMSELF you’re the only one he wants.Infatuation Scripts is a relationship program specifically designed for women who were struggling to find and keep the love they wanted and deserved. It helps you release a chemical cocktail in any man’s brain which shuts down his desire for other women and also focuses all his passionate desire onto you. It also teaches “infatuation mode” that made him blind to all her flaws and made him feel like his life would be a living hell without her.


What Benefits You Will Get From Infatuation Scripts?

  • Infatuation Scripts helps you release a chemical cocktail in any man’s brain which shuts down his desire for other women and also focuses all his passionate desire onto you.
  • This program contains series of “psychological triggers” that fire up a man’s Infatuation Instinct so no one can make him feel the way you get him to feel.
  • It teaches you exactly what to say in any situation to trigger the infatuation instinct which makes a man out of control with a desire for you.
  • It helps you release a chemical cocktail in any person’s brain which shuts down his desire for other women and also focuses all his passionate desire onto you.
  • You will discover “Independence Scripts” that wake up a man’s desire to pursue you by signaling you won’t be won over easily.
  • You will discover “Intrigue Scripts” that gets a person’s attention and arouse his curiosity about you, so he can’t stop thinking about you.
  • You will discover “Cliffhanger Scripts” that used at the end of any conversation which leaves him feeling ‘not quite satisfied’ and give him the overwhelming feeling like he just has to see you again.
  • You will discover “Barrier Scripts” that help you express as much desire as want without giving control of your relationship over to him.
  • You will discover “Curveball Scripts” that make you seem deeply mysterious and intensify his curiosity about you.
  • You will discover “Shaping Scripts” that trains him to put more and more efforts into courting you and progressively increasing his feelings of infatuation.
  • You will see “Temptation Scripts” that tempt a man to want to pursue you while giving him hoops to jump through to make it challenging.
  • You will discover “Interested-but-not-sold Scripts” that lets a man know he has a chance with you but that he has to work to win you over.
  • You will see “Urgency Scripts” that make him feel like if he doesn’t do something immediately, he might lose you. It gives him a desperate urge to lock you down.


  • The Commitment Calculator.
  • Make Any Man Yours For Life.
  • Why Men Shut Women Out.


  • It helps to build a healthy and satisfying relationship that works for both of you and brings happiness into your life on a whole new level.
  • This program is suitable for all types of women looking to maintain their love lives at any stage in a relationship.
  • It helps to build a lasting relationship with a man who truly is a man so that you can feel safe enough to become the woman you are meant to be.
  • It has helped many women to escape from the pain of continual rejection so they could get their confidence back.
  • It helps you to make the man of your choice feel a burning desire for you and become the most important person in his life.
  • This is a powerful guide is delivered by video, audio and e-book formats so you can consume it in your preferred medium on any of your devices.
  • Infatuation Scripts offers a money back guarantee of 100%.


  • Infatuation Scripts is not a “magic bullet” and it requires a solid level of time commitment. You will need to follow this program for at least few days to see any noticeable results.
  • It is available in online only, so without an internet connection, you are not able to purchase this product.


Final Conclusion:

I strongly recommend this program..With the help of this Infatuation Scripts, Whether you’re single or married woman here the opportunity to gain these live-saving relationship techniquesIf you are not 100% satisfied with the program, simply email us within 60 days for a full refund.We have 24 hour email support, 7 days a week. We answer all emails within 8 hours.


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