Flat Specialist Review – Is It Scam Or Work?

Product Name: Flat Specialist

Product Author: Dave Walton


Hi fellow punter,

My name is David Walton and I’ve been betting on the horses since the early 90s. My early record was probably one that I didn’t want to look at in too much detail, big wins were always nice to talk about but then I’d keep quiet about the bad losses and tell people how close I’d come time and time again.

It was when I started to look at value that I started to see a real pattern emerge. I was only winning a few races each week, but I was ending the week with more than I started with, week after week after week.

That gave me the bug.

That winning buzz when you walk out of the bookies with a wallet full of cash!

I decided it was time to get serious!

After coming up with method after method it took a long time to discover the particular ones that were profitable in the long term. Most had good or bad months within the first 3 month period. What I wanted to try and find was a consistent approach.

I went for years trying different strategies with varied results and I soon realised there was more to it than just looking at the form and picking a horse to win. This is when I came up with my winning betting strategies.

My winning strategy needed one thing to work… a higher predictability!

And what kind of racing is the most predictable? Where there are less chances of events screwing up your selections?


No crazy conditions! No fences in the way!

The odds were finally in my favour!

My Selections & How They’re Picked

Each of my selections are straight forward win bets. None of this 1pt on this, 6pts on that and 10pts on a dead cert. I just back each selection to win at a level stake and doing this WILL make sure you end each month with more money than you started with.

My selections are picked by narrowing down the races on a given day by following a simple set of rules. This allows me to concentrate on fewer races, ones where I know I have a better change of picking the winner. I then go over the form and make my selection.

It’s taken a long time to get to this point and any fly-by-night tipster can give you a bunch of selections per day and land a lucky winner. My selections on the other hand are carefully selected and always leave me in profit by the end of the month.

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The Statistics: £38,428.50 Profit in 2015/2016

Throughout 2015 and 2016 I bet at level £50 stakes, on Betfair, at BSP and have pulled in a total profit of £38,428.50 after the 5% Betfair fees.

That’s an average monthly profit of £2,744.89 (based on each season been 7 months long)

My worst month was May 2016 with a profit of 28.05pts and my best month was July 2015 with a profit of 86.58pts Across the entire 2016 flat season I hit winners 29.17% of the time. So you can expect an average 3 winners in every 10 bets (give or take) with losing runs kept to a minimum and lots of back to back winners.


For anyone who doesn’t want to go over the full results, here’s a month by month break down of number of selections, winners, strike rate and profits.

As you can see I have ALWAYS ended with more profit that I start the month with.

Number of bets do vary month on month with June through September seeing the bulk of the action.

One thing that isn’t shown on there is the average odds.

In 2015 the average BSP figure across all 755 bets was 11.44 and in 2016 this was slightly lower at 9.35

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