Dr Vegher Core Activation Sequence Review – 0-6 Pack Abs Exercises

Product Name : Core Activation Sequence Exercises

Product Creator : Tyler Bramlett and Dr. James Vegher

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Dr Vegher Core Activation Sequence Review

Are you one of thousands men and women dreams to Shrinking waistlines,fixing back pain, relieving digestive issues, toning your core muscles, improving posture, eliminating achy hips and shoulders and even building 6-pack abs? 23-Second to a flat belly? 23-Second Exercise kills beer gut and stomach fat? Do you want to learn 23-Second Waist Shrinking Exercise?If the answer yes then Core Activation Sequence created by Dr Vegher is the perfect training program for you. The reason why the exercises and routines Dr Vegher teaches are soo much more effective then the typical ab training you see, is because early on in his career James identified 2 BIG MISTAKES that every workout enthusiast, fitness magazine and personal trainer is making. Dr. Vegher and Bramlett set about creating this system because they believed that the traditional abs-toning exercises do not help in building 6 pacs. In fact, they believe that these exercises only make things worse and lead to injuries. They however believe that by following their program you will get a toned and flat stomach as the program reactivates your core muscles.

What Is Core Activation Sequence?

The Core Activation Sequences that Dr. Vegher teaches are the result of his experience working with neurological patients as a Dr. of Physical Therapy. You see, core activation is about tapping into your primal movement instincts and allowing your body to re-learn how to move the way it is supposed to move. Dr. Vegher broke these “Primal Movement Patterns” down into easy to apply exercise progression that teaches all the muscles of your core to activate at the same time to stabilize your spine. Although this sounds complex, it’s actually really quite easy. All you have to do is follow along to the exact exercises in the exact order that James teaches and you’ll feel your core reactivate making you stronger, your workouts safer and slimming your waistline in the process.

The Core Activation Sequences 0-6 Pack Abs system can be used by anyone who wants a firm and toned stomach. It can be used by both men and women, professionals and amateurs and the young or the old. It’s thus great for those who don’t know where to start, and for those tired of crunching or working out without any results. The one thing that makes this system stand out from the others is that the workouts are inspired by a physical therapist. So the workouts can be safely performed even by those fearing injury, the injured, those whose past injury inhibit them from performing high intensity workouts and those who want to fix old problems. In other words, the program is just right to make you feel better and stronger and nothing more.

Features Of Core Activation Sequences:

Core Activation Sequences was created to not only help people slim their waistlines and get toned or even 6 pack abs, it was also designed to be a complete core rehabilitation system.What this means for you is, as your core learns to function properly again, your aches and pains will begin to slip away. Say goodbye to neck, back, shoulder, hip and knee pain and say hello to a stronger, more confident version of yourself. In order to make sure you develop a safe and strong core, essentially everyone who sits more then 2 hours a day, has ever had surgery, has posture or digestive issues, back pain, knee pain, neck pain etc. Needs to follow some type of abdominal training program.

The problem is that people often use the WRONG exercises that actually hurt the problem rather then fix it. With 0-6 Pack Abs you can be sure that you have the most comprehensive and cutting edge ab training program ever invented. Tyler Bramlett and Dr. James Vegher are fully confident that if you train the right way, you will go from 0-6 Pack Abs!

Benefits You Will Learn From Core Activation Sequences:

This program teaches you all you need to know about getting as through several components, where the important ones are:

  • Phase 1 Program comprises of videos, audio mp3 files and manuals teaching you simple to complex core exercises which help you get toned and stronger as you progress with the program.
  • Phase 2 Program comprises of more manuals, mp3s and instructional videos of 56 follow-along micro progression ab workouts which can be completed in 2-8 minutes. You thus never get bored of doing repetitive exercises. Each workout is harder and more intense than the previous one, which is vital for building muscle and strength.
  • Quick start video guide gives you all the details to reactivate your core muscles immediately without any equipment.
  • Exercise video library comprises of easy-to-follow demo videos of all of Tyler Bramlett and Dr. James Vegher’s core activation exercises. You choose if you want to watch them individually or together.
  • In order to actually slim your waist and get rid of your muffin top or beer belly, you instead have to coordinate the use of your inner core muscles. More specifically the transverse abdominus and internal obliques (although all uscles are used to some degree).
  • These muscles run horizontal to your body much like a weight lifting belt and when properly activated, they suck your gut in giving you a permanent waist slimming effect. Make sense?

Core Activation Sequence Reviews


  • Core Activation Sequences was designed to be the most comprehensive ab training program EVER! But… It was not designed to replace your regular strength and cardio workouts.
  • This means 0-6 Pack abs is the perfect compliment to ANY WORKOUT PROGRAM that you are currently following. All you have to do is follow along to the videos or MP3′s we provide for 2-8 minutes after your existing workout and you’ll be well on your way to building the abs you always wanted!
  • it’s easy, simple and brief so you needn’t spend hours on the workout. In fact, the busy will love the Core Activation Sequences program as most of its workouts need just 2-8 minutes to complete. Moreover, with its follow-along videos of all exercises, you can perform your exercises safely and correctly.
  • The program which is a combination of ab workouts and physical therapy is created based on over 20 years of Dr. James Vegher’s experience as a physical therapist and the fitness trainer, Tyler Bramlett. So unlike other fitness programs available on the internet developed by so called experts’, you know two qualified professionals had developed the Core Activation Sequences.
  • Anyone can use the program, even amateurs, as it was created so that any person, no matter what their fitness status, gender or age can easily follow it.
  • The physical therapy approach of the system prevents injury and the variety of exercises ensure you don’t get bored as there’s always something different to do. Moreover, you need no equipment to start; only a Swiss ball as you move forward.
  • So confident are Dr. James Vegher and Tyler Bramlett about their Core Activation Sequences system that they offer a 60-day guarantee with it. This is because they had tested their workouts on many people with positive results before publishing it to the public.
  • The workouts and sequences contained in 0-6 Pack Abs are perfect for both men and women. Although some exercises are more appropriate for me while others are appropriate for women, the reality is that we all have the same core muscles and we all have the same goal, right?
  • Build stronger, slimmer and better looking abs!
  • By following along to the Core Activation Sequences and Micro Progression Workouts men and women of all ages can do just that!


  • As all the program come in digital format, if your internet connection is slow or you prefer a physical copy, then this may be a drawback for you.

Dr Vegher Core Activation Sequence pdf


Overall, I highly recommended Core Activation Sequences program, Most of the people reading this have been exercising for several years and they are just now finding this high level information.The reality is that Core Activation Sequences takes you from basic beginner exercises appropriate for people who just got out of abdominal surgery and takes you all the way to advanced 6 Pack building exercises and workouts.That’s why we named the system 0-6 Pack Abs. Because we wanted people who have ZERO experience to learn the right way to develop strong, lean abs that loo great and perform even better!


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