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DFT Pro review

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CHANGING THE WAY YOU TRADE The right information and skills are prerequisites for success in Forex investing and trading. At DFT pro, the finest professional tools, experts, state-of-the-art technology and research come together in a unique mix with the one goal- helping you succeed. We facilitate multi-asset Forex investment and trading by providing access to industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge research. GET THE EDUCATION, SKILLS AND INSIGHTS YOU NEED.

What is DFT Pro?

DFT Pro, the best finance education academy that: Vod education:

The world of global trading Learn the basics: An overview of the trading market, different financial instruments explained and the main factors that drives the market.

Trading is an art form If you would like to become a trader you should watch this video and learn what traders need to know in order to become successful?

Chance And Risk In this video we’ll explain what are the chances and risks and the types of investments. You can’t become a trader if you don’t master these topics.

Are you an emotional trader? What are the relations between emotions and trading? Why you must be in a specific state of mind in order to succeed? How to identify bad emotional state and how to deal with it?

Distributing Risks: If you are new to the trading market this video is very important: What is risk distribution?
How good capital management may make the difference between failed and successful investment?

Currency Pairs: The Forex market is based on Currency pairs. This video explain what are currency pairs and exchange rate? Definitions and presentation methods.

Buying and selling: When you should buy and when you should sell a product? In case you’re encountering a losing trade, how can you minimize losses?

Passive Trading 5/15 Rule: What type of trader would you like to be? Watch this video and make a wise decision.
What is the 5/15 rule? How to implement it in real trading?

Calculating Pips: Higher pips in the right direction mean higher profits. Watch this video to learn what pip is and how to calculate it? Pip calculation according to the specific currency.

Aggressive Trading 10/30 Rule: This video is following the 5/15 video: What is the 10/30 rule?
How to implement it? When should you use it?

Market analysis types: Market analysis is one of the basic tools that enable you to gain profit in Forex.
Watch this video and learn the two basic types of market analysis. Trend What is trend and how it can help in finding the market direction? The 3 possible market direction and how trends are identified?

Trend :What is trend and how it can help in finding the market direction? The 3 possible market direction and how trends are identified? more and more

What You Will Learn From DFT Pro?

  • Trend Signal Strategy (level 1): With this strategy you are looking for a shift in the current trend to a previous trend.
  • Tunnel Strategy (level 1) : With this strategy you are looking for a break in a uniform trend.
  • Fractal Strategy (level 1):  With this strategy you are looking for averages and fractals which indicate the possibility of a future trend.
  • Fishing strip strategy (level 2): With this strategy you are looking for turning points which indicate the possibility of a change in trend direction.
  • Zigzag Strategy (level 2): The purpose of this strategy is to take advantage of the momentum that is created following a breakout.
  • Wave Tracker Strategy (level 2):  With this strategy you need to identify, using indicators, a change in rate direction, and join the new trend.
  • T-Chaser Strategy (level 3): The goal with this strategy is to identify the start of a new trend.
  • Fibo Trap Strategy (level 3): With this reverse strategy the goal is to identify the end of a correction and enter when a new trend begins.
  • Zoom In Strategy (level 3): In this strategy, the goal is to identify a new minor trend, and properly time your entry.
  • Semi-Automatic Strategies: Exclusive Indicator developed by our experts. On screen display will announce the current automatic analysis.
  • MT4 installation and Basics Learn how to setup the platform and get familiar with the main features: Installation and opening an account, login and changing the language, Market Watch Window, new charts, chart properties and time frames.
  • Orders and the Terminal window Opening, Closing and modifying orders, the Terminal Window, account history, reports, alerts and additional options.
  • Using Types of Orders Pending orders, trailing stop and changing the profit display.
  • Adding Indicators to the Graphs Using objects, adding indicators, help lines, editing and deleting objects.
  • Properties Some very important configuration features: Display definitions, Patterns, Profiles.
  • The World of Global Trading An overview of the trading market, different financial instruments explained and the main factors that drives the market.
  • Trading Psychology This is probably the most important lesson in the course. Topics covered: Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence while trading, how to deal with the hatred of loss, psychological tools to improve mental behavior as a trader.
  • Capital Management One of the biggest mistakes traders do is mishandling their capital. In this lesson you’ll learn: Why capital management is a must, the most important rules of capital management, how does individual can tailor the best capital management for himself?
  • Market Analysis This lesson generally explain what is market analysis and how to do it: Technical and Fundamental Analysis ? what is the difference? Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis, Chart types and Dow’s theory.
  • Basic Technical Analysis Technical analysis is a very common way to predict future movements of the market: Most common price patterns, Trends types, Support and resistance.
  • Advanced Technical Analysis In this lesson you’ll practice pattern recognition and advanced technical analysis techniques: Japanese candle stick charts, how to recognize a pattern, different type of price patterns, pattern risks, and how to trade when a pattern is recognized.
  • More and more.

What do you need to do if you want to invest a small amount in DFT Pro Digital Forex Technology?

BOOK AN APPOINTMENT At DFTpro we believe that with the right guidance, everyone has the potential to be a successful trader. Our team of qualified staff are here to offer you one-to-one, confidential, guidance that gives you the confidence and knowledge to unlock your trading potential. Our knowledge and expertise are your key to developing a profitable and consistent trading strategy.



  • Accepting all the major payment options
  • Fully Regulated & Secure Trading Environment
  • Up to 400:1 Leverage on Leading Currencies and Commodities
  • You will learn What Social Trading is General explanation about social trading.
  • How it works How standard trading works and its drawbacks.
  • Pros and cons This video covers the following topics: Copying trades, proportional trading and Social Trading drawbacks.
  • Displayed information What will you be able to see when joining the social trading network?
  • You will learn How to choose a trader to copy What you should investigate before choosing a trader to copy? Capital management rules when trading in social trading. Some of the available actions.
  • You will learn How to Begin If you are interested to try it, here is a general explanation of how to do it.
  • You will learn What is ECN? What ECN is standing for? How it works? What are the ECN commissions? How spreads are affected by ECN?
  • Why it’s so important? How ECN works to my favor? Is ECN faster than other systems? Re-quotes in ECN.
  • Benefits of using ECN Why higher capital is required? The origin of ECN.
  • Recap Commissions, benefits and why we as a broker have decided to offer ECN?
  • Forex Advantage The advantages of Forex Trading, why Forex is one of the fastest growing markets, why trading is rapidly becoming a favorite among Stock Market investors.
  • Basic Forex Terms Familiarization with the basics of Forex, familiarization with many important trading terms, how to do the first step in trading.
  • Types of Orders In this lesson we’ll learn the different types of orders, how to use the right order type at the right time. The information in this lesson is part of the trading foundations every trader must know.
  • Winning Tactic In this lesson we’ll start learning how to combine all the information and use our professional trader’s winning strategies and how to choose the strategy that works for you.
  • Glossary of Concepts Increase your Forex Knowledge by getting familiar with important trading and market terminology in this wide Forex Glossary.


  • Without an internet connection, you cannot access this system because it is available in online only.

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