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Brainer Review

Brainer – Mobile and Desktop Brain Training Game Compare your IQ to famous celebrities and historical characters. Brain training games have been popular for years, as people are addicted to knowing how clever they are and to getting cleverer still! This training pReally well, available in most regions worldwide with English, Spanish and French all available.  Available on desktop and mobile. Losing keys? Misplacing a wallet? Forgetting someone’s name? You’re facing age-related problems!It is notorious that, as the years go by, most people start to notice that their brain shape is getting worse. Don’t worry! There is a simple way to take control and minimize age-related problems! Thanks to the possibilities of new technology, neuroscientists have developed a web application called Brainer that helps exercising a human brain!Try it yourself and see your results!

What people say about Brainer?

“I was really tired of spending time on searching my stuff around the house as I kept forgetting where I left it. Brainer became the best solution to train my attention” Gary Brickman, Age: 51

“Brainer makes me feel younger! My brain is sharp, focused. I need much less time than my friends for fact analysis and decision making!” Hafsah Majidah Kalb, Age: 65

“My grandsons are growing so fast and it was hard for me to keep pace with them. Internet, gadgets, technologies – everything was so difficult! But not anymore! Thank you Brainer!” Mary P. Francois, Age: 72

“Turning age 60 I started to be really afraid of car driving. Traffic lights, signs, cars – all of that needs my continous attention. Thanks to Brainer I feel more confident on the road.” Jaime Beeler, Age: 63

Did you know?

In sedentary adults beginning to exercise regularly can lead to an increase in brain blood flow through the hippocampus — the key brain region that is affected by Alzheimer’s disease. However, it’s important to know that while physical exercise is associated with selective or regional brain blood flow, it does not produce any changes in the global brain blood flow.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Take control on your life right now! Perform everyday exercise to keep your brain fit and focused!

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Welcome to Brainer

Exercising with Brainer course just 5 minutes per day has long-lasting benefits!

  •  It boosts brain-building hormones
  •  It spurs brain growth
  •  It fights depression and anxiety
  •  It helps improve brain’s executive function
  •  It reduces the effects of stress
  •  It helps you train your attention

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