Bitcoin Revolution Review – Does It Really Work Or Scam?

ORIGINAL Bitcoin Revolution FACEBOOK FOUNDER Cameron Winklevoss & Tyler Winklevoss TWINS ARE MAKING PEOPLE RICH! (FOR REAL)

Bitcoin Revolution Review

The brothers told CNBC reporter Hadley Gamble a few facts about their vision. “What makes gold, gold? Scarcity. Bitcoin is actually fixed in supply so it’s better than scarce … it’s more portable, its fungible, it’s more durable,” said Cameron Winklevoss. An advanced new software, Bitcoin Revolution, follows the methods used by the Winklevoss’ to gain an edge. A deposit of $250, or more, powers an advanced algorithm that sends investments soaring. The system’s use was demonstrated in front of a live crowd.

After depositing $250, Bitcoin Revolution went to work generating income. A split-second is all it took the software to buy high and sell low. In a matter of minutes, the initial balance had ballooned to an impressive $314.92. That’s $64.92 in profit!

Bitcoin Revolution Reviews

The crowd was shocked by the potential to make millions.
The Winklevoss’ process takes advantage of volatility while uncovering opportunities to profit. A streamlined interface gives users the upper hand as the market rises and falls. In minutes, Bitcoin Revolution initiated trades that doubled their initial investment.

“Empowering others through the blockchain is our ultimate goal”, Tyler Winklevoss said. “Cryptocurrencies are changing systems as we knowthem. Everyone will soon be in control without reliance of overbearing financial institutions.”

After their Bitcoin Revolution demonstration, the Winklevoss twins invited a member of the audience to try the program. The participant had zero crypto experience.

Creation of a new account took moments as the twins continued their presentation. The man’s excitement could be seen as he struggled to control himself. $104.82 in profit took less than two minutes.

By the end of the show, everyone in the audience received their own personal copy of Bitcoin Revolution. The life-changing gift brought tears to several people’s eyes. “It is unbelievable what they are doing for others”, a recipient later tells me.

“We felt that we needed to share the secret to financial freedom”, Cameron Winklevoss says. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to strike it rich… no matter who you are!” This was the solution to economic woes? After seeing the uncut footage of the CNBC interview, I decided to put Bitcoin Revolution to the test.

Eager to get started, I discovered firsthand the truth behind the Bitcoin Revolution system. Users need a minimum deposit of $250; the money is used to power your initial trades and is withdrawable at any time. In addition, the software imposes a 2% fee on all profits generated.

I quickly learned Bitcoin Revolution makes money by using a well-known technique used by traders. Short-selling ensures income regardless of where current crypto values fall. This seems like the ideal way to capitalize off of current market volatility.

I created my own FREE Bitcoin Revolution account. After depositing $250, I activated my account and got down to business.

Bitcoin Revolution
My personal results after seven-days using the Facebook Twins Bitcoin Revolution system
In their interview with CNBC reporter Hadley Gamble, the Winklevoss twins showed us how to make $100 in profits in under three minutes. I’ve never purchased cryptocurrency and I was reluctant I could achieve similar results. After using the software for 12-hours, I witnessed my balance rise to $342.19.Over the next five days, I spent ten minutes each day checking my daily results. I quickly saw the platform gaining traction. My new balance totaled $613.43, a shocking 245% increase of my initial deposit. Needless to say, I started believing in this remarkable software.As the week concluded, I was up to a spectacular $1,833.29. This is more than I had ever made in a single workweek… and it all took less than an hour!Motivated by such a stellar return, I remained active over the next 14-days. My account surged to $6,380.10 despite losing $104.21 in trades. I reviewed the trading log and discovered not every trade makes money. In fact, some trades actually lose!

While Bitcoin Revolution is not magic, it proved itself profitable.73% of my trades were successful making me an astounding $7,430.69 from my initial $250 deposit. Surprisingly, it all took less than an hour over the course of a week.

Facebook Twins
As my screenshot shows, I transferred $7,430.69 directly to my account.
I am absolutely shocked by my Bitcoin Revolution Software experience
After my brief trial of the FREE software, I decided to pull my money from the system to pay the mortgage on my house for the remainder of the year. I will be reinvesting in Bitcoin Revolution… who knows, I may even quit my job!
Please note, it took 48-hours for money to reach my personal bank account.
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For a limited time, Bitcoin Revolution is inviting the next round of participants to download a full copy of the software.After an initial $250 deposit, the trading platform is able to turn unlimited profit from the cryptocurrency markets.
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