Betomania Formula Review – Is It Scam Or Really Work?

My honest Robert Louw’s Betomania Formula Review – What’s Betomania Formula all about? Does Betomania Formula jackpots Method Actually Works Or Just a Scam?

Product Name : Betomania Formula

Author Name : Robert Louw

Official Website : CLICK HERE

From McDonald’s To Millionaire: This 19 Years Old Played His Way To A Golden Bentley Using A Wikipedia Formula

  • Robert Louw worked part-time at McDonald’s aged 16
  • About a year ago, he came up with an online method to make extra income for himself
  • He started using this theory playing against other people online
  • Few months later Robert bought a £130,000 gold Bentley and a house for his mom

Robert reveals for the first time the secret method that turned him into a millionaire.

“Going to college while working at McDonald’s was the toughest time of his life, He was struggling to make ends meet and it felt like He’s stuck in an endless loop He couldn’t get out of. He was constantly searching for ways to earn himself a second income but nothing seemed to work for him.About a year ago, He came across an article in the Mirror about a new viral craze in the UK – a platform that lets you compete in social tournaments and win real money. Apparently, there were already a few thousand-people that made nice profits with it, so the rumor spread. He was still working at McDonald’s back then and thought He might as well give it a try.Teenager Robert Louw swapped shifts at the golden arches for a one-of-a-kind gold supercar, all thanks to an online method he found.

What Is Betomania Formula?

Betomania Formula Robert Louw searched online for popular betting patterns until I came across a Wikipedia page (Kelly criterion) that presented a theory which seemed like it can work for me. After a month of fine-tuning I was up $2000. That was when He knew He was on to something, so He quit his job at McDonald’s and started doing only that” Betomania trading method.By the time he was 19, Robert had bought his mom both a house and car.

“The Method He’ve Developed Produces A 72% Chance Of Winning” Since hanging up his McDonald’s uniform for good, Robert has managed to make an avg. of $160K monthly playing this social tournaments game.
So what is this game exactly?

“Its called Betomania and its just like playing a High-Low card game– but instead of cards, you bet on the world’s most famous stocks like apple, google etc. Against Real people from all over the world. Let the money work for him: Robert, a 19 years old former McDonald’s employee, adapted a probability theory formula into an online game and makes thousands aday.

Each player starts the game with 1000 chips, the player then needs to decide, in a series of consecutive rounds, whether the asset price will go up or down, and how much of his chips he would like to stake on this decision. The winner is the player with the highest number of chips at the end of the rounds.

The game is based on strategy and self-control, you do not have to know anything about stocks in order to profit from it. This is exactly the reason why my betting pattern produces a 72% chance of winning with no relation to the asset you bet on”.

Robert has agreed to reveal his method here, for the first time. Why have you decided to give away your secret?

“First, understand that there are thousands of players from around the world playing this game there will always be people that will make mistakes. Besides, these days He’s playing high stakes tables with more participants so his methods have developed and these small tables have no interest for him.”

How Does Betomania Formula Actually Works?

Robert’s Method Revealed For The First Time! “After you sign up to Betomania and fund your account, Search the lobby for games that have 3 players only and click on “Play Now”.

Remember! His method is based solely on how you play with your chips in the game, the direction you choose (UP or DOWN) doesn’t matter, as this part is a pure 50-50 bet.

The game is comprised out of 3 rounds. In each round follow my betting method:

  • First round: Bet 33% of your chips (333 out of 1000)
  • Second round: Whether you won or lost the first round, bet 50% of your remaining chips
  • Third round: In the final round there are 2 scenarios-

A – You are ranked 3rd or 2nd place – in which case you should bet “All – In”.

B – you are ranked 1st place – check the number of chips 2nd place has, and from this number deduct the difference between his stack and yours plus 1 chip (for example, if you have 1500 chips and 2nd place has 1300 chips, the calculation is: 1300 – 200+1 = 1101 chips).

You will not win ALL the games you play, that’s impossible. but if you’ll stick to his method, you will win 70% more than you lose, and make a nice income for yourself”.

What You Learn From Betomania Formula?

Follow Robert’s Steps To Success

Step 1- Enter Betomania and signup-A min deposit of 10 euros is required to activate your account and enter one of the games

Step 2- Follow Robert’s unique method-No prior knowledge is needed, just enter one of the games in the lobby and follow the simple method

Step 3- Start winning the jackpots-Following the method will produce 70%-75% success rate in the games you play. Withdrawal your profits whenever you want.

Positive Points :

  • Join the revolution with peer-to-peer betting tournaments on the world’s biggest stocks.
  • Fair Game Peer-to-peer betting contest
  • Step up to the challenge Start with as little as €10
  • Be a winner Beat players and win cash prizes
  • The First Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Tournaments
  • Missed the Bitcoin peak?  Now is your chance to WIN
  • Why wait for Bitcoin’s price to rise when you can earn huge payouts now.
  • Fast withdrawals
  • No Bitcoin wallet needed
  • When Poker Meets Trading Step up to the challenge and beat 99 players for a shot to win $100

Negative Points :

  • Without internet connections you can’t access this program.

Final Conclusion :

I Highly Recommended Betomania Formula, They’re so afraid they’re losing you as a customer… that they’re pulling every trick in the software to make sure this money making program never makes it into your hands.The software will help you profits thousands of dollars each month.This software filled is complete free, you have nothing to lose. It is worth trying! Don’t hesitate! Get it now.The risk is squarely on my shoulders so that you have absolutely NOTHING to loose!

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